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Unique pocket wedding invitation for a rustic mountain wedding. Blush pink, gold, and ivory

3 Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Wedding Invitation

Now that you have gone through the 6 steps to define your wedding vision, it’s time to bring that vision to life! Your invitation is the first touch point of your wedding and that little piece of paper has a big job to do! It will set the tone and the look/feel of your event, giving your guests a taste of the unique wedding experience you have planned.

Think about the first reaction you want your guests to have when they open the envelope. Do you want to go for jaw-dropping? A glamorous metallic envelope arriving in their mailbox, encasing a lusciously thick letterpressed invitation will exude style and elegance. Maybe you would prefer a different reaction, one of sheer amazement and, “This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!” This means the design of your invitation should truly be one-of-a-kind! Think gorgeous laser cut designs, unique paper choices, and attention grabbing details. Whatever reaction you want to go for, always aim for unforgettable!

Here are the 3 tips for creating your unforgettable wedding invitation

Well Informed

The best invitation is the one that gets your guests in their seats on time! So, before you start planning your design and picking papers, take a step back and think about the all of the important information you need your guests to know. Make a list that includes all the pertinent information, everything from the day, location, start times, details for other wedding events, accommodation info, driving/parking directions, website, etc.

This list will be a lifesaver! It will help your stationer suggest the appropriate format for your wedding invitation along with any insert cards you will need. It can even help you save money! By planning out what information can be combined, you may be able to print fewer enclosures and instead use that money on a super unique detail like a custom wax seal.

Tone Is Everything

The tone and style of your wedding invitations will be shaped by two of the biggest elements in the wedding planning process, the formality of your event and the venue. The invitation for a ballroom wedding will look drastically different from that of a rustic barn wedding. Choose materials for that reflect and compliment your tone, like kraft paper for the barn wedding and cotton paper for the formal, ballroom wedding. Feel free to have fun and experiment with including unique paper choices and details so you express your personal style in conjunction with the tone you have established.

The overall look of your invitation will give your guests subtle cues; like what they should wear, the kind of party to expect, and a little about who you are as a couple. Of course, these visual cues work hand-in-hand with the actual information printed on the invitation… Good thing you made that list!

Make it One-of-a-kind

Now that you have listed the details and established the tone, it’s time to put your personality into your invitation. This is your time to have some fun! Maybe you and your fiancé are both avid cyclists. To reflect your love of all things cycling, you could incorporate an image of a bike into a unique monogram. Details like this may be subtle, but they will build on top of each other to create a design that is totally you!

If you aren’t sure what details really define you as a couple think about the things you have already planned for your wedding. Pull inspiration from your floral arrangements, tablecloths, centerpieces, or architectural details of your venue. Then figure out how to put your unique spin on it. This could be as simple as combining your modern style with a traditional layout to reflect your venue and incorporating your favorite flowers as design accents.

Now See the Tips in Action!

Modern destination wedding invitation suite for a beach wedding in Cancun, Mexico. The save the date, invitation, and enclosures were all custom designed to exude fun and adventure. The gray, yellow, and white color palette makes this design unique! The invitation includes a beautiful metallic gray envelope and matching envelope liner, the wedding invitation, an information card with schedule, an adventure insert, and an adorable flip-flop laser cut hang tag.


Stephanie and Alex were planning a Cancun destination wedding. To incorporate their personality, we kept the design very modern, but mixed in Aztec and beach elements to create a header that simply wowed! It featured their monogram as well as the lovebirds (Aztec inspired, of course!) that Stephanie really wanted to incorporate into the design. To complete the look we included elements of the activities their guests could enjoy once in Cancun. This was everything from lounging on the beach, visiting Chichen-Itza, and swimming with dolphins. It may sound like a lot to put on one invitation, but everything came together to create a design that got their guests excited for the adventure to Cancun!

Elegant pocket wedding invitation for a Jazz themed wedding. Celadon green, silver, gray, and white color palette.

Chelsey and Reginald were planning an elegant wedding dinner complete with live Jazz musicians. To set the stage for the event, we created this gorgeous silver pocket wedding invitation. To give the jazz theme a little more elegance, I incorporated some Art Deco patterns to set the tone. This combined with her beautiful celadon green and silver palette made for one gorgeous invitation! We also included two tickets to the event as if their guests were really attending a Jazz concert. While these tickets are a fun and non-traditional element to include in a wedding invitation they also served the practical purpose of limiting the number of guests invited per invite.

There are so many fun and unique ways to add personality to your wedding invitations! If you think outside the box and create something that is totally you, I can guarantee that your invitations will be unforgettable!



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