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6 Steps for Planning a Wedding That is Totally You

6 Steps to Creating a Wedding That is Totally You

Before you enthusiastically dive right into your wedding planning and booking vendors it is important to take a step back and figure out your vision first. Doing this will help you make decisions quickly and even help you save money by focusing on what is important to you. This is your chance to create your fairytale, so have some fun and dream big!

Here are the 6 steps to creating your dream wedding.


This is the most important step of the process (and probably something you have been doing for awhile now)… So, let’s begin! Take a breath, close your eyes, and imagine yourself standing in your wedding dress at your reception. What does it feel like? What does it look like? This is your time to let your imagination run wild! Don’t consider what your may mother or opinionated bridesmaids might think. Take this time to really paint the picture of your dream wedding.

Here are a couple questions to ask yourself to help everything come together in your head.

  • Will it be a big, lavish affair (with everyone you know) or small and intimate (only close family and friends)?
  • What is the setting? Is it a beautiful garden in the spring time, a modern space with cool architectural details, or maybe a grand ballroom?
  • Where? Do you want to be married in your hometown or would you rather fly away to an exotic location?
  • What season: spring, summer, winter, fall?
  • What is your wedding style? Are you classic, romantic, vintage, modern, or maybe a mix all your own?

Define What Makes You Unique

Now that you have the vision for your big day its time to think about really putting yourselves (your personality) into it. Make a list of all of the things that you love about your fiancé and what defines you as a couple. Pull inspiration from your unique love story. These elements are what will set your wedding apart and make it an event to remember!

For example, at my wedding we chose our main wedding color because we are both born in December. This was really a reflection of us because my husband (fiancé at the time) had given me beautiful sets of jewelry featuring various shades of blue topaz. I planned to wear them with my dress and it was a natural fit to make blue the cornerstone of our wedding plans.

Gather Inspiration

To get a better idea of what you want (and more importantly, don’t want), spend some time browsing for images. Pinterest is a great place to get started (but is also a time trap!) and is an easy way to collect all of your ideas in one place. Other great resources are bridal magazines, books, blogs, and images of real weddings. Don’t limit yourself to images of what has already been done. Look for fresh ideas and inspiration in the things you see. This could be anything from the blooms on the tree by your house, to a work of art, or even a piece of jewelry.

Decide The Formality

How formal or casual will your wedding be? Do you want a classy sit-down dinner where all of the men are in tuxes and the ladies in gorgeous gowns? Or maybe, you want a more relaxed atmosphere set in one of Utah’s many breath-taking mountain venues complete with a fire pit that your guests can sit around and chat while they roast marshmallows. Keep in mind that the setting of your event will help define the experience. A ballroom will lend itself to a classic, elegant wedding while a barn or mountain meadow calls for something more laid-back and rustic.

Don’t forget step 2!! Think about your personality when deciding how formal you want your wedding to be. Do you like hosting elegantly styled dinner parties or are you a low-key food truck loving kind of couple? Whatever you decide, the key to having the most fun at your wedding is making sure the formality of your event stays true to who you are.

Pick Your Colors

Color says a lot, not only about you, but about your style. Some wedding styles lend themselves to bold color choices, while others call for a more subdued palette. A modern wedding in a chic urban loft would allow you to play around with dramatic blacks and whites while throwing in some bright neon pops. A classic ballroom wedding, on the other hand, probably won’t be able to handle the bright neon colors. Instead it will lend itself to an elegant, monochromatic color scheme accompanied by gold and glamorous accents. (Don’t forget that you can choose metals, such as silver or rose gold, for your wedding colors.)

Create An Experience

This step is one couples often forget. As much as your wedding day is about you, it is also about your guests. They are coming to support and celebrate with you and they want to have a good time! We have all been to those weddings where the guests sit awkwardly around tables with music playing so softly that no one is dancing… Don’t let that be your wedding! Your guests really want to get to know you and connect with your love story. As you create the vision for your wedding, make sure you create an atmosphere that screams, “This is who we are!” This is what ultimately makes your wedding stand out and become the event that people can’t stop raving about.

Now that you have painted the picture of your wedding it is time to take that vision and bring it to life in paper! Stay tuned next week for tips on creating a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation that is totally and uniquely you!



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