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Creating That “Wow” Factor

What gives an invitation that wow factor? The answer is simple, you do! Adding personal details to your invitation makes them memorable and will have your guests saying, “Wow!” So what can you do to add that personal touch? It can be as simple as adding a monogram or as complex as adding the story of how you met, really the sky is the limit. One of my favorite invitations included a story that goes a little something like this…

Hanna knew she wanted to include a story on her invitation, but wasn’t quite sure what to include. So I started asking her questions about what was unique about their relationship. Come to find out, it took them quite a few years to actually go on their first date.  After that, their budding romance had more to endure when Hannah moved away, but Todd was not going to let her go easily. After her second move across the country, Todd planned a surprise trip and flew to Virginia to propose. He proposed under the Roanoke Star, which like the name implies is a giant star (it’s pretty awesome). I hate to spoil the ending, but I bet you already guessed that she said yes (obviously if they are ordering wedding invitations!)

Now the tricky part, how to do their story justice? The focus on the invitation became their moves across, using outlines of the states and arrows to show the moves. The crowing jewel is the star in the center, designed to look like the Roanoke Star, but in Hannah and Todd’s colors. The entire suite was printed on cream metallic paper and each piece was double sided to include an engagement picture on the back.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. – Milton Glaser

I hope this has given you some inspiration for how to make your wedding invitations unique!



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