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Hello World!

Hello world! I know this is the standard title of the first blog post on WordPress, but I found it fitting for my blogging debut. It is always nice to know a bit about the people who you are working with, so here is a little background on myself. I got into graphic design by accident, my plan had always been to become a doctor. I was in all of the anatomy and biology classes in high school to prepare for such a career. When my junior year came along I had a hole in my schedule so I went down to the counselors office to figure out what classes were still available. He put me into graphics one class and the rest is history. I became editor-in-chief of my school’s yearbook the following year and needless to say, I was hooked on design.

I went off to Weber State University, learned from some amazing professors, and got my degree in Visual Communication 3 years later. Like many grads, the transition from school to career was not what I expected, but I am fortunate that things turned out they way they did. I started Twelve30 Creative in February of 2012 while in the middle of planning my own wedding. That’s a lot to take on at once! I get asked all the time how I came up with the name Twelve30 Creative. The simple answer, it’s my birthday. (If I only had the foresight to start my company on the same day!) That question naturally leads to… If you do this for a living what did your invitations look like? Let me just say that I took on more than I bargained for, but they turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I created a little book that I hand stitched together. The cover was a plain gray stock that I embellished with custom stamps and labels. The interior pages were printed on a white metallic stock to contrast the gray. There was even an add on pocket inside the front cover for an enclosure. All of this was held together with a piece of yellow bakers twine. Talk about time consuming! (But totally worth it)
There are so many things that are unique to you and your fiancé, your love, and your wedding that can be included in your invitation to make it extraordinary!
This brings me to the whole point of this post, why design wedding invitations? Just like any other form of graphic design, wedding invitations involve a “problem” and a “solution.” I feel that this often gets overlooked in the wedding invitation world with all of the stock designs out there. The value of problem/solution design is that things are created specifically to solve the problem at hand (in this case your wedding). No two weddings are ever the same, so when you use the same invitation you end up missing out on the most important piece, You! There are so many things that are unique to you and your fiancé, your love, and your wedding that can be included in your invitation. When you start to include these little “Easter Eggs” it really makes your invitation magical! Is it going too far to say that all of your guests will absolutely love them? An invitation designed for you and about you will give your guests a preview of your wedding and a window to your style and personality. The favorite part of my job is when the suite has come together and the bride can clearly see her wedding in front of her. Magical!
Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I can’t wait to get to know a bit about you, so lets make some magic!




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