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How to keep your wedding invitation from being thrown away

How to prevent your wedding invitation from being thrown away

A big concern couples have about their wedding stationery is that they will spend a ton of money just to have their invitations thrown into the trash. This makes the whole process of inviting your guests seem so discouraging. So how do you turn this around and create a wedding invitation that will get your guests excited to celebrate, and most importantly, turn your invitation into a keepsake?


Why guests throw away wedding invitations

We have all been there: we get an invitation in the mail, save it until the wedding day, and throw it in the trash after the party is over. Why do we do this? Most people claim they don’t like the “clutter,” but the truth is, the invitation wasn’t important enough to want to keep it. I know you know the ones I am talking about. The wedding invitations that the couple didn’t spend much time on, didn’t look anything like them or their wedding day, or was simply an after thought.


So even if your guests don’t know you all that well (of course your mom and grandma are keeping them) how do you inspire them enough with your wedding invitation that they will want to keep it?


Keep your wedding invitation out of the trash

Create something unique that tells your love story

There is nothing worse than getting the same wedding invitation from multiple weddings. You know little thought went into their creation and your guests will know it too.


Start your wedding invitations off right by telling your story. You have spent hours planning your wedding and finding the perfect details that are totally you, draw inspiration for your invitations from them! This could be anything from your elegant, mountain wedding venue to your beautiful floral arrangements. Pulling colors, textures, and even shapes from these details is a sure way to create a unique wedding invitation that will inspire your guests! To compliment all of these personal details, choose fonts and wording that match your personality and love story. When your guests feel like they really got to know you through your invitation, that is when they will want to keep them (most likely so they can copy your fabulous style)!


Create an inviting experience

Your invitation has a big job to do, not only does it tell your love story; it also establishes the tone and feel of your wedding day.


Receiving your wedding invitation is what starts the guest experience. It lets them know what kind of event to expect, what to wear, and what the evening has in store. Most importantly, it gets them excited to celebrate!


Having an invitation that perfectly introduces your beautiful wedding day is a sure way to keep your invitation out of the trash once the night is over. It will serve as a keepsake of the amazing experience your guests had celebrating with you!


Don’t forget to include all of the important details!

If you don’t want your invitation thrown away right after it is opened, make sure it includes all of the important details your guests will need. Your invitation should serve as a reference to your guests, letting them know when they need to arrive and what is expected of them. Not including the little details such as your wedding website or important information keeps them in the dark and leads to confusion.


Set your guests up to have as much of an experience as you will! The overall experience is really what will save your invitation from the trash can and turn it into a keepsake of all the memories they created on your wedding day!


Do you want an invitation that will wow your guests and won’t get tossed out?

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