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How to Survive a Bridal Show with Your Wits Intact

This post is inspired by the bridal show we did over the weekend. There is so much going on at the show, and as a bride it can be hard to take it all in. All of the vendors are fighting for your attention (I know because we are one) and sometimes all you want to do is grab the hand out and run. So to make your lives a bit easier, here are some tips on how to survive your next bridal show with your wits still intact.

  • Consider setting up an email address for your wedding. At the show there are a lot of drawings and things to enter and after it is all said and done, it is nice not to have your inbox cluttered with all of the promotions. The wedding email address is also helpful for keeping all of your wedding planning communications in one location.
  • Bring labels with your information pre-printed on them. As I mentioned, there are a lot of drawings to enter. Save yourself the hand cramps and type up some labels so at the show all you have to do is stick and go.
  • Be ready to take advantage of show specials. Most vendors offer some kind of promo that is only available at the show. Take advantage of these as you can save yourself a lot of money. We often get the response that “we aren’t that far along in our planning yet,” but most vendors offer free consultations, so it is probably worth your time to sit down with them to see what they can offer you. Then when you are ready, you will know who you want to book.
  • Ask questions. I know it is overwhelming, and sometimes all you want to do is look, but you have a great opportunity to interview vendors when you go to the show. This way you get an idea of their personality and see if they are someone you want to work with. Maybe you have a specific idea in mind for that service, ask if they can help you with it.
  • Its not always about who is the cheapest. Look at the product or service they are offering, feel it, taste it, or interact with it. You want to know you are getting quality when you book their service.
  • Be inspired. Chances are you will find something you hadn’t thought of that will make a great addition to your big day.
  • If you can, go to multiple shows. There are always different vendors at each show and you may not find what you are looking for the first time around.
  • Above all else, take all of the handouts that you can. This way you can review them when you get home in a calm atmosphere.

I hope this list is helps you keep some of your sanity!


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